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My Story

Hi, thanks for finding me!

For much of my life, from childhood into adulthood, something felt off.


I suffered from low self-esteem and feelings of isolation.


Relationships of any type were hard for me. I was scared to get close to people and be vulnerable. 


I was convinced that on some level, there was something fundamentally "wrong" with me.

I tried to find feelings of self-worth and acceptance through my career as a radio and TV host.


I felt if I could just get successful enough, THEN I would feel loveable.

That day never came.


I spent decades living a fast paced stressful life, chasing happiness and a feeling of belonging.


I never stopped to think about what was actually GOOD for me.

I didn't question who I really WAS or what I really wanted.


It couldn't sustain itself and eventually it all caught up with me. I became extremely ill physically and emotionally. I was eventually diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.


After learning everything I could about the effect stress has on the body, both psychologicalIy and physically, I knew that I had to make some drastic life changes.


Shortly after this journey began I was blind-sided by the sudden death of my brother, my only sibling, my hero. I had come to a crossroads, I could curl into a fetal position and hide, or I could take control and make the choice to thrive.


I continued studying psychology, mindfulness, spirituality, neuropsychology, quantum physics, and the mind-body connection. I was excited to find they all overlap, and that our untapped potential is enormous!

I found out about the huge impact emotional neglect (even by well-meaning parents) can have on children throughout their lifetime.

It was the missing puzzle piece!

Suddenly everything made sense.

There was nothing wrong with me!!!!

I just was never nurtured or validated enough to know it.

I had to do it for myself, and I COULD!


At first, I took what I learned and applied it to myself. The more I learned the more I tried, the more I tried, the more I grew.


After a huge emotional, physical and spiritual transformation, I decided  that I needed to share the exciting and empowering knowledge that I had gained. 

I work with clients one-on-one, remotely.


I work with people of every nationality, age, race, gender and sexual orientation. Together we  discover their limiting beliefs, challenge them and come up with a new compassionate goal oriented operating system. We work on healing  their anxious attachment styl in order to able to attract and accept the love that they deserve! (spoiler alert: it starts with self-love!)

I work with a limited number of clients a year, remotely.

I offer 2 and 3 month packages.

Fill out the form and lets set up a free half hour consultation to see if we should work together!

"If you are determined to do something eventually it will happen. If you refuse to give up and are persistent, consistent and authentic in your desire and pursuit, The Universe will collaborate with you in creating opportunities and opening doors."

-Melissa Maxx, Interview in Thrive Global 2021

My Mission

Information. Motivation.Transformation.

My mission as a coach is to teach you the tools you need to live the life you want, without my help!

Some of the areas we will work on  together:

-Stress Management.

-Discovering some of the limiting beliefs that have you stuck in every area of your life.

-Becoming aware of, and questioning your inner critic.

-Becoming more mindful in everyday life, to find a greater sense of calm, clarity and presence.

-Goal Setting


These are just a few areas we explore. My "Personal Power Game Plans" are as unique as each individual I work with, and designed to fit their needs, wants and goals!

When you work with me, you have a partner who is in it full-time for the duration of our work! Because of this commitment, I  only work with a limited number of clients. 

Get in touch, and let's see if we'd make a great team!

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